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KaiWoshe Inn

Point Mulâtre (Near Delices), St Patrick Parish, Dominica

In a quiet secluded spot on the rugged Atlantic east coast of Dominica lays KaiWosh Inn. The Inn is exemplary for all types of travellers & holidaymakers. You can find yourself & company relaxing under the shade or hiking to the local waterfall, dining on exotic local foods & more.

KaiWoshe (kai woshe = "stone house" in creole) is surrounded by picture perfect settings of rivers, forest, mountains & valleys. The “White River” which runs from the “Victoria Falls” is only a 5 minutes walk from your accommodation.

St Patrick Parish will provide you with much diversity. Locals are warm & friendly, you will leave with an experience that no tourism packages can't match.

Must see places near KaiWoshe: Victoria Falls, Sari Sari Falls, Glassee Point, Boiling Lake, White River.

KaiWoshe Inn Rooms

Rooms in the Guest House are spacious with local wood furnishings from Dominica's lush forests (carefully managed by the Dominican Forestry's Inspectorate). Rooms are large with en suite bathroom or with separate bathrooms. They can accomodate large groups, or the single traveller sightseeing around the Island.

pic In the guest house there is a dining room, and a large lounge with tv/computer where guests can sit and relax after a hards days hiking or sightseeing. Meals can be ordered and served in the guest house or eaten from the restaurant and bar.


  • Large (separate bathrooms) US $ 68 per room per night - sleep 2
  • Large (en suite bathroom) US $ 98 per night - sleep 2
  • Family Room (en suite bathroom) US $ 128 per night - sleep 2 Adults 1 child

Dining at KaiWoshe Inn

Our aim is to provide totally organic meals from organic produce from Dominica. However in the interest of honesty we may have to use some imported produce. Dominica is an island that grows most of its food and exports to other island, so we will always use whats in season.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner are provided from seasonal produce, fish from the neighbouring fishing village and eggs from locally raised chickens, etc. Some vegetables, fruits and herbs are grown in our garden. Our guest can order a packed lunch for next day trips

Restaurant and Bar

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Guest can sit comfortably in the restaurant or outside in beautiful surroundings and enjoy the local beer and local fruit beverages and tea and coffee at any time of the day.

The large Restaurant and Bar can be reserved for weddings and/or receptions, parties, meetings, in fact any social gathering that requires a quiet surroundings.

Further information


Airport: Melville Hall in Marigot in the north of the island and Canefield in Roseau - the capital.

Melville Hall is serviced by American Airlines and LIAT coming from Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, Guardeloupe, St. Juan.

Canefield near the capital Roseau is served by LIAT and Take AIR airlines which connects Dominica to the French islands.

From the airport taxis will take you to any destination on the island.


There is a ferry service from Guadeloupe, Martinique and St. Lucia to Dominica. See express-des-iles.com for schedule.


Cars can be rented from the many rental companies on the island, or local buses and taxis can be used or hired.


240 amps. Transformers are available to our customers with, small electrical appliances of 110 amps.


The official currency is Eastern Caribbean Dollars (EC$). Exchange rates are obtained from the Banks. There are ATM cash machines which give only EC dollars. US dollars are accepted by most businesses and street vendors at varying rates. Credit and Debit cards are accepted by many places.

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About Kai Woshe

Our Guest House, Restaurant and Bar is newly built and conforms to all safety standards. We are licensed by all appropriate bodies.

The Guest House has 5 bedrooms, upstairs and a large lounge, dining room and kitchen. Solar powered hot water. This house is ideal for families or single travellers.


Our philosophy is to utilise local materials and foodstuffs; to blend in the environment rather than to "stick out like a sore thumb".

There is a large garden not only for relaxing but we also grow our own bananas, plaintains, pineapples, herbs and vegetables.

Our staff are there to ensure that your holiday in Dominica is wonderfully memorable.

Here's some of our guest comments:

Many thanks for this nice stay Celine "This recently opened Guest House is lovely, located in a huge, quiet and beautiful park. Very clean British-style rooms with comfortable bedding. Adorable owner, mostly welcoming, providing locally grown-and-prepared delicious organic food. We were a group of 7 people and all of us definitely loved this place ! We'll return, for sure !

Celine Damoiseau from Marie-Galante

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We cater for weddings small and large.



We have space to fit all the cousins in. You might consider a themed reunion: back to roots, i.e., food can be served in calabashes, drinks from coconut shells. You can also plan informal barbecues or to have formal waiter service.


Meetings & Functions

The hall can be used for formal meetings and functions. The pleasant surrounds is ideal for guests and/or attendees to walk around and refresh the brains. Makes a change from the busy Capital.


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